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Power Cabinet: Neptune & Triton 180kW 240kW

Power Cabinet: Neptune & Triton 180kW 240kW

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Neptune & Triton 
Power Cabinet + DC Dispenser
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  • 10.4" touch screen
  • Max. 200A output current.
  • 16.4' Cables
  • WIFI, 4G, Ethernet, RFID, APP, ISO15118
  • Up to 200 kW output power per connector.
  • 200-1000Vdc wide output voltage range.
  • Great scalability, up to 4 charging points per system.
  • Cable management (optional)
  • 2-year standard warranty

Neptune's traditional power dispenser design is straightforward to EV drivers. 

Triton's innovative retractable design enables infrastructure planners to deploy layouts they wouldn't be able to with the footprint a traditional dispenser provides. 

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