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XCharge 6AM DCFC - 95kW, 125kW, or 150kW

XCharge 6AM DCFC - 95kW, 125kW, or 150kW

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Compact, space-saving housing
C6AM charging points can be accommodated on less than “5.38” square feet and weigh less than “882” lbs. The cables are well protected against damage caused by sharp objects, impact, and moisture. A unique z-shaped ventilation system and a centrifugal fan for cooling help extend the product life cycle.

Output power of up to 150kW. Optional touch screen capabilities. Extra-long cables which may be supported by a cable management system. Double CCS connectors or mixed with Tesla or CHAdeMO. DC output voltage range from 150 - 1000V, suitable for every electric vehicle in the market. 

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